Webinar Recording: Biomass Crops for Biochar


Rehabilitating degraded land toward productive land for food

* Hear about the latest research around biomass crops, and its potential for marginal, degraded land

* The latest technologies such as the Krone Premos pellet harvester which we see as having great potential with crops such as medicinal hemp, wheat and other broad acre crop residues that are currently being burnt as well of course as dedicated biomass crops.

* Hear about ‘Miscanthus,’  a plant that is being used increasingly throughout the world as a purpose-grown bioenergy crop as well as multiple uses in farming as a feed and for shelter.

Who is this webinar for?

Land managers, farmers, growers, soil remediation specialists and progressive energy companies

Our Guest Speakers are:

Fabiano Ximenes – Senior Research Scientist | Forest Science| NSW Dept. of Primary Industries

Charles Kovess – Secretary of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance (AIHA)

Peter Brown – NZ Miscanthus Industry Developer, Consultant for PFS Consultants Limited

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