Get paid to use bio-products




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Get paid to use bio-products

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About this webinar

In this webinar, our expert guests will discuss productivity gains in using biochar as a feed additive for ruminants and when using biochar in bio-products projects such as soil carbon and materials project such as roads or concrete. As well as providing valuable information about the ERF & Verra Methodologies to gain further income from the associated carbon credits.

Our expert line-up includes:

  • Tom Schroder, Head of Climate Action, South Pole
  • Melissa Rebbeck, Director at Climate Agriculture and Support
  • Ignatius Verbeek, Director at Carbon Pump

Who is this webinar for:

  • People or Companies that would like to register a soil or bio-products carbon project on the government or voluntary carbon markets
  • Anyone producing, selling or using biochar who intends to gain soil or bio-products carbon credits or help their clients to do so.