Farmers Guide – Worldwide Launch and Workshop




Join authors of “A Farmers Guide to the Production, use, and Application of biochar at the worldwide launch and workshop in Perth, Australia.

The publication collects the experience of people – gardener, farmers and researchers – who have
made and used biochar to produce food crops in home gardens, smallholdings and farms in many
countries around the world. It draws on the collective wisdom of people who have used biochar
for centuries, on innovations developed in the last 100 years and on the latest scientific research.

Authors Professor Stephen Joseph and Dr Paul Taylor will run through the first chapter of the primer. The event programme includes:

  • Principles of Biomass Pyrolysis for Biochar Production Introduction; Requirements of biomass feedstock for biochar; How does pyrolysis relate to burning or combustion? ; Pyrolysis of an individual piece of biomass; Stages of pyrolysis; The effects of time and temperature; Wood vinegar Production; Methods of heating; Mass and Energy Balance; Mass and Energy Balance Computations; Q & A and Networking

When: Friday March 22

Time: 9 – 5pm (Networking 4-5pm) AWT

Where: Woottating, Western Australia (1hr drive from Perth)