Attend LIVE: Biochar in Regenerative Agriculture Field Day


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Last year we were successful in being selected in one of eight groundbreaking soil research projects by Southern Cross University.

The title of the research project is: Integrate biochar into regenerative agriculture practices using biochar supplemented animal feed and dung beetles

This project in partnership with ANZ Biochar Initiative Inc and Soft Agriculture Pty Ltd aims to develop an economically and biologically efficient method to restore compacted and depleted soils in Northern NSW. Regenerative agricultural practices such as biochar supplemented feed, dung beetles, rotational grazing, foliar sprays and biopesticides containing biochar and wood vinegar will be used to increase and improve pasture and other cover crops. Changes to soil carbon, other trace elements, water holding capacity and the release of nitrous oxide will be measured and assessed as well as the health and weight gain of the cows.

Our field trip is to get up to date feedback and results thus far including a tour of Soft Agriculture grounds.

When: Monday 16 May 2022

Where: Mallanganee, Northern NSW

Time: 930 registrations open with meet and greet for 10am start

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