ANZ Biochar & Carbon Sink Certificates




ANZ Biochar & Carbon Sink Certificates

When: POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE – Expression of Interest process in progress

About this webinar

ANZBIG has developed a Code of Practice and will now roll out the ANZ Biochar & Carbon Sink Certification programme. This is similar to the European Biochar Certificate and we are happy to announce a partnership agreement with Carbon Standards International of Switzerland. This webinar will cover the auditing requirements and benefits of issuance.


  • Ueli Steiner, Managing Director at Carbon Standards International

  • Bernhard Schulz, Head of Business Development at Carbon Standards International
  • Nigel Murphy, Chair of ANZBIG & Co-Founding Director at Earth Systems

Who is this webinar for:

  • Biochar Producers and users that would like to accredit their biochar or buy credits both from a standard point of view of quality, sustainability and net zero recognition within the compliance or voluntary carbon markets