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ANZBC21 Proceedings Document

Purchase our official proceedings document from our 2021 annual biochar conference detailing:

  • ANZBC21 Programme
  • Highlighted slides from each speakers presentation
  • Executive summary

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5th ANZ Biochar Conference Recording 2021 [ANZBC21]

Biochar in the Carbon Drawdown Decade

2030 and Beyond

Purchase the full recording of ANZBC21 including:

  • Day 1 & 2 Plenary Days
  • Food, Fibre and Recreation Session
  • Infrastucture Session
  • Energy Session
  • Drawdown Markets Session
  • Biosphere Standards Session
  • Open Forums – Code of Practice & Next Steps

The 5th edition of the ANZ Biochar Conference [ANZBC21] on Biochar in the Carbon Drawdown Decade, was delivered virtually in real-time, over seven weeks from Tuesday 6th October to Wednesday 17th November. Presenters from academia, industry, government and non-government organisations presented their research and commercial projects on our 5 Topic areas including; Food; Fibre and Recreation; Energy; Infrastructure; Drawdown Markets; and Biosphere Standards (air, soil, water, char analysis).

View the full programme here

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Safe Effective Use of Biochar_2021

Tamworth Workshop Recording: Safe, Effective, Sustainable Production & Use of Biochar

Listen and review parts of our Tamworth 2 day Workshop

Two videos featuring 5 hours of content covering:

(i) Day 1 Afternoon Session: Tour of Australia’s first Carbon Coated Mineral Production Plant at Appleby. Demonstration of the Minimak Mobile Pizza Oven by Terrapee.

(ii) Day 2 Morning Session: Applying biochars. Case studies related to using biochar from around Australia and the World with an emphasis on enhancing/protecting soils. Feeding Biochar to Animals. Wood Vinegar. Non soil use of biochar.


Professor Stephen Joseph

Terri Sun


Cost: $145 + gst (Member discounts applies)