Fertiliser prices have more than doubled since the middle of 2021. Biochar has been shown to reduce fertiliser consumption.
Greg Butler, a researcher with The South Australian No-Till Farmers Association demonstrated in trials over several years that wheat farmers can halve their DAP requirement with no loss in yield by adding 35Kg/Ha of biochar with the wheat seed. DAP is a compound fertiliser containing phosphorus and nitrogen. Biochar is a relatively stable, carbon-rich material produced by heating sustainably obtained plant-based material such as wheat straw, wood wastes or animal bedding using modern low emissions technology. Australian and New Zealand Biochar Industry Groups’ Don Coyne advises that biochar typically remains in soils for hundreds of years, resulting in long-term carbon removal from the atmosphere.This long term carbon removal means that biochar production can be eligible for international voluntary market carbon removal certificates such as the Puro CORCs purchased by Microsoft and Shopify from the Holla-Fresh facility in 2020 and 2021.

Source: South Australia No Till Farmers Association https://www.santfa.com.au/wpcontent/ uploads/Santfa-TCE-Winter-14-Targeted-biochar-use-can-reduce-input-costs.pdf For more information on this data email Greg Butler at greg@santfa.com.au

For more information on this press release contact Don Coyne, CEO of Australian and New Zealand Biochar Industry Group execdirect@anzbig.org

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