We are pleased to bring to your attention a formal invitation from Bloomberg Philanthropies for cities to apply for support: recognizing that the fight against climate change is more urgent than ever, Bloomberg Philanthropies is inviting proposals from cities to develop city-wide biochar projects. The key points of the attached invitation are below. If your City plan to submit an application, we would recommend you get in touch with Louise Ellaway at Bloomberg Philanthropies at in advance to notify them of your intent to apply. You can also reach out to Louise should you have any questions.  

Key points for cities:

  • Bloomberg Philanthropies is inviting applications from cities for support to develop their city-wide biochar projects
  • Selected cities will receive world-class implementation and delivery support to help develop ideas into realistic plans; technical support to help cities understand how cities can benefit from biochar; and selected cities will be eligible in late 2021 to bid for a range of grants to match their city’s funding up to a maximum of $400,000
  • Participating cities will benefit from peer-to-peer support to accelerate their efforts and learn from the success of the Stockholm Biochar Project
  • Cities might have been investigating the uses of biochar for a while, or may be making plans as part of a green response to build back better from the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Cities are asked to respond to the questions in the attached invitation.  In selecting cities, Bloomberg Philanthropies will consider a city’s rationale for developing a biochar project, existing political support for the project, and plans to ensure maximum positive impact for both the climate and residents

To apply on behalf of your city, please submit a completed response via e-mail to Louise Ellaway at no later than 12pm GMT on Wednesday 31 March 2021.


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