ANZ Biochar & Carbon Sink Certification – EOIs due by November 17

ANZBIG are seeking Expressions Of Interest from certifying companies particularly in the Carbon Removal Marketplace to detail the benefits of partnership and how you differentiate yourselves to others. We will run a webinar on Thursday November 10 on the topic as well. Regardless of who we decide to partner with, our main aim is to be impartial, and we want to deal with all parties within the marketplace. Once certified it is up to the recipient to choose their own platform to sell credits. Once Certified, the proposed plan on the table at the moment, is that producers complete their certification in a registry which ANZBIG owns. EOI due by Thursday November 17 sent to Don Coyne

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Business of Biochar: Turning agricultural waste into soil improver – ABC News

Residue from almond, grape and tree crops are being turned into biochar,a carbon rich product which can cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil.

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VIDEO: Business of Biochar: Turning agricultural waste into soil improver
Kerry Staight
Posted Sun 2 Oct 2022 at 12:45pm, updated Mon 3 Oct 2022 at 12:44pm

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Business of Biochar: Turning agricultural waste into soil improver(Kerry Staight)
Residue from almond, grape and tree crops are being turned into biochar, a carbon rich product which can cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil.
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The Biochar Effect: Proposed feature documentary by Tree Media

ANZBIG is excited to hear about the proposed plans to create a full length documentary on biochar next year! This is Directed and produced by Tree media, the same people who directed and produced the very popular Ice of Fire Documentary narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio a couple of years ago. Ice of Fire did mention biochar but now a full length, deep dive into biochar is on it’s way! Tree Media are aiming to raise U.S. $750 K, for more information please download the long and short presentations.

The Biochar Effect – 30 Pages

The Biochar Effect – 2 Pager


Media Statement:

Forestry and wood transformation plan critical to energy future

The Bioenergy Association welcomed consultation on the government’s draft Forestry and Wood 
Processing Industry Transformation Plan, and the better utilisation of New Zealand’s vast forestry 

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PRESS RELEASE: Wheat fertiliser requirements could be cut by 50% according to research.

Fertiliser prices have more than doubled since the middle of 2021. Biochar has been shown to reduce fertiliser consumption.
Greg Butler, a researcher with The South Australian No-Till Farmers Association demonstrated in trials over several years that wheat farmers can halve their DAP requirement with no loss in yield by adding 35Kg/Ha of biochar with the wheat seed. DAP is a compound fertiliser containing phosphorus and nitrogen. Biochar is a relatively stable, carbon-rich material produced by heating sustainably obtained plant-based material such as wheat straw, wood wastes or animal bedding using modern low emissions technology. Australian and New Zealand Biochar Industry Groups’ Don Coyne advises that biochar typically remains in soils for hundreds of years, resulting in long-term carbon removal from the atmosphere.This long term carbon removal means that biochar production can be eligible for international voluntary market carbon removal certificates such as the Puro CORCs purchased by Microsoft and Shopify from the Holla-Fresh facility in 2020 and 2021.

Source: South Australia No Till Farmers Association uploads/Santfa-TCE-Winter-14-Targeted-biochar-use-can-reduce-input-costs.pdf For more information on this data email Greg Butler at

For more information on this press release contact Don Coyne, CEO of Australian and New Zealand Biochar Industry Group

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Biochar Technologies Powering 11 of the 60 Finalists in the XPRIZE $100M Carbon Removal Competition


Media Contact:
Wendy Lu McGill, Communications Director
International Biochar Initiative
+1-303-883-1121 |

Biochar Technologies Powering 11 of the 60 Finalists in the XPRIZE

$100M Carbon Removal Competition

XPRIZE judges selected three biochar projects as Milestone Award winners,
awarding each a $1Million prize.

Washington, DC, US – 04/28/2022 – The XPRIZE $100M Carbon Removal Competition announced the selection of 11 semi-finalists companies or projects using biochar and/or Pyrogenic carbon capture and storage (PyCCS), among 60 finalists selected out of over 1300 submissions. This illustrates that Biochar/PyCCS will be a key technology for urgently needed carbon dioxide removal.

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Biochar Industry 2030 Roadmap Launch

Are you confused or unsure of what you can do about Climate Change and ecosystem degradation? Would you like to help in a real and tangible way?

Biochar offers a huge range of benefits for the environment across a range of applications.

In agriculture biochar can:

  • Improve soil and animal health dramatically
  • Retains water and nutrients in the soil to increase productivity
  • Reduces water and petrochemical-based fertiliser requirements

Biochar can also be used in water and wastewater treatment, concrete, roads, plastics, food, health and beauty products, textiles, batteries and consumer electronics, to name a few.

Biochar is a key enabler of the New Carbon Economy we are building and one of its key benefits is that biochar can reduce CO2 emissions by storing the carbon as biochar. Storing carbon in soils or other applications means it does not get back into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases.

But there’s a problem

We need to urgently develop the biochar industry to scale the impact of biochar in restoring the environment and capturing and storing carbon to drive us to Net Zero carbon and beyond. The process of making biochar is well proven and this industry is growing rapidly in Europe and China. The challenge is to develop a Biochar Industry RoadMap (for Australia and New Zealand) that allows us to deliver the many benefits of biochar as quickly as we can. You can help by investing in a future that restores the Earth that works with nature.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

ANZBIG is developing a Roadmap aimed at;

  • Delivering an overall strategic direction for the biochar industry
  • Ensuring the scale-up of capability and capacity
  • Supporting market development both here in Australia and New Zealand, as well as globally.
  • Build soil carbon

The Roadmap will also;

  • Highlight the products, services and benefits available within various markets
  • Align biochar’s benefits to the objectives of government, industry and the community at large.
  • Define and mainstream the requirements for Carbon neutrality and beyond through clear carbon accounting methodologies and robust verification

You can join us

We are seeking a total of $200K. The funds will be spent to achieve our main objectives;

  • Development of a Biochar Industry Roadmap that has full industry engagement and support
  • 2 Day Summit with National Awards Ceremony
  • Engagement and support from the government
  • Identification and promotion of market opportunities for industry and investors.o

How can you get involved?

  • Become a sponsor of the roadmap – Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Gold and Bronze sponsorships are available
  • Join ANZBIG as a member and your first year’s membership fee will be donated to the roadmap
  • Be an anonymous donor

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Join us in our Mission: To Net Zero and Beyond!

January Drawdown Newsletter

Happy New Year & Australia Day to all our members and subscribers! It seemed as good a day as any to send out our first Drawdown for 2022, here’s to it being our best year yet! We take a moment to think of the first peoples of our nation who manage the land with respect and make biochar too!

We have an exciting quarter ahead of us including:

  • A FREE Month Trial for all new members who join in February, including a FREE Upgrade for existing member referrals
  • Our first webinar of the year, ‘Get paid to use bio-products’ is FREE thanks to our sponsor South Pole

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