Biochar In Agriculture

A Two-Day Workshop in Perth

This two-day workshop on the uses of Biochar in Agriculture is designed to show examples of commercial use of biochar and share practical advice on how and where biochar is likely to improve performance in agricultural applications.

Who is this workshop for?  Graziers, Regenerative Farmers, Landcare Groups, Animal Feed Producers, Fertiliser Companies & Biochar Producers

When: 2 & 3 October 2021 

Where: Perth, WA


Professor Stephen Joseph

Mark Dzidowksi

Cost: $295 (ex GST) [ANZBIG Members apply discount code at checkout]

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5th ANZ Biochar Conference 2021 [ANZBC21]

Biochar in the Carbon Drawdown Decade

2030 and Beyond

The 5th edition of the ANZ Biochar Conference [ANZBC21] on Biochar in the Carbon Drawdown Decade, is  three-day conference that will consist of lectures, oral presentations, inter-active sessions, and an exhibition. Presenters from academia, industry, government, and non-government organisations will present on their research and commercial projectin the topic areas of Food; Fibre and Recreation; Energy; Infrastructure; Drawdown Markets; and Biosphere Standards (air, soil, water, char analysis)Sub-topics include; plant, tree, animal health and productivity; golf courses, parks and gardens, roof gardens, advanced pyrolysis and gasification technologies, synergies with other negative emissions technologies (NETs), asphalt and concrete, biochar standards and testing requirements. 

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When: 5th – 7th October 2021 

Where: Perth, WA & Delivered Virtually 

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Safe Effective Use of Biochar_2021

Tamworth Workshop Recording: Safe, Effective, Sustainable Production & Use of Biochar

Listen and review parts of our Tamworth 2 day Workshop

Two videos featuring 5 hours of content covering:

(i) Day 1 Afternoon Session: Tour of Australia’s first Carbon Coated Mineral Production Plant at Appleby. Demonstration of the Minimak Mobile Pizza Oven by Terrapee.

(ii) Day 2 Morning Session: Applying biochars. Case studies related to using biochar from around Australia and the World with an emphasis on enhancing/protecting soils. Feeding Biochar to Animals. Wood Vinegar. Non soil use of biochar.


Professor Stephen Joseph

Terri Sun


Cost: 159.50 (incl gst) (Member discounts applies)

Webinar Recordings: 

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