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Safe Effective Use of Biochar_2021

National Roadmap Rollout – Victorian Forum

Join our first State Based Forum for the national rollout of the Australian Biochar Industry 2030 Roadmap

Programme Includes:

  • What is biochar? Why a roadmap?
  • Reduce, Remove, and Store – Biochars Role in Climate Change
  • A billion-dollar biochar industry within a circular economy
  • Victorian Biochar Roadmap Launch
  • Includes lunch and afternoon tea

When: Monday 28 August, 2023

Time: 10 – 4 pm (3 pm-4 pm)

Cost: $100 + gst – Attend Live

$50 + gst – Attend Virtually (via Zoom)

Where: Barwon Water (The Hub-Ground Floor), 55-67 Ryrie Street, Geelong

Sponsored by


Safe Effective Use of Biochar_2021

ANZ Biochar & Carbon Sink Certificates


Webinar has been postponed until further notice – EOI is in progress.


Safe Effective Use of Biochar_2021

Two Day Interactive Workshop

ANZBIG’s safe, effective, sustainable production and use of biochar workshop

We bring our expert team to your organisation to run our two-day workshop

  • Historical use of Biochar
  • Properties and testing of fresh and aged biochars and fresh wood vinegar
  • Enhancing biochars to meet soil constraints and animal requirements
  • Methods of application of biochars
  • Principles and practice of pyrolysis
  • Choosing a pyrolysis technology
  • Practicals
  • Making biochar and enhanced biochar
  • Developing a biochar business


Featuring our expert lineup of workshop trainers

Don Coyne – ANZBIG CEO

Professor Stephen Joseph – ANZBIG Executive Board Member


Date: You choose

Location: You choose

Participants: 30 Maximum

Cost: $10,000 + gst

ANZBIG can help promote the workshop through our network in newsletters, website, social media, live stream, and record the event.